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down-to-earth storytelling. bring out the best in your brand.

A storyteller by passion and by trade, I believe that the right words and a carefully crafted message can make all the difference in engaging customers and creating an authentic brand.

I founded Heirloom Communications in 2013 to develop customized content for businesses in a variety of industries. I help business owners and executives express their stories through compelling content and copywriting that fosters audience buy-in. Formally trained in journalism, I have more than 18 years of both b2b and b2c experience as a business writer, editor and corporate communications strategist.

A Colorado native, I enjoy spending time in my garden, hiking, snapping nature and bird photos and getting outdoors as often as possible. I am a bit of a foodie and a big fan of Colorado craft beer.

~Amy J.V. Atwell

The heirloom approach

Heirloom Communications works with customers in a variety of b2b and b2c industries, with a particular focus on brands that enhance individuals' quality of life. Current and past clients include those in the following fields: 

  • Wellness services
  • Counseling and psychotherapy 
  • Personal legal services
  • Entrepreneurial support services
  • Residential and commercial real estate


Down-to-Earth Storytelling for Authentic brands

The name Heirloom connotes something worth saving and passing on. It has its roots in nature and in history, but stands the test of time.

In business and communication, technology changes at a break-neck pace, but one thing never changes: the need for connection. Social media and other tools make it faster and easier to communicate, but humans' need to connect and share goes back as far as history. 

So, while you may not be sharing epic tales around the campfire,  you're still storytelling. The best stories touch people on a deeper level and begin to develop a relationship. 

With Heirloom Communications, you will experience a hands-on, collaborative approach to discovering and sharing your business story.